Uptown Shop Hop Survival Guide

Our annual Uptown Shop Hop is just a few weeks away and whether this is your first time or you’ve attended a couple years already, it’s always best to read up on all the things you should do beforehand to prepare yourself for this night of shopping, socializing, and enjoying Uptown as we celebrate the upcoming holiday.

We have put together a list of SEVEN things to do to ensure you are set for the evening.


Call it our “Shop Hop Survival Guide.”


-Wear warm shoes/boots: the last thing you want to slow you down is cold feet! 


-Carry a sturdy bag for shopping: you can’t plan how much you might purchase, so it might be best to stay organized and bring a big bag with you! 


-Be curious: along with your stand by favorites, check out Uptown businesses off the beaten path…ones that you have never heard of. We are positive there are many hidden gems you’ve never heard of! 


-Don’t bring food and alcohol from one establishment into another: That could ruin all the fun for you! 


-We love pets, but please not this night.  Too crowded! (You’ll thank us later!) 


-No booze outside of store: Sip on it indoors, please! 


-Please park/ride or carpool as the parking is limited. It’s a jam-packed evening! 


-Have a plan… Below is a photo of the shuttle map!


Find out more about the event here: Uptown Shop Hop

All in all, we hope you will eat, drink and BE MERRY. 

and we will see you at our 20th annual event of Uptown Shop Hop.