Unique Services in Uptown

One thing you might not know about Uptown is the number of businesses here that provide unique services.

Beyond the coffee shops, restaurants and shopping experience, Uptown offers a variety of services–some you may not even be aware of!

Which is why we put together this list. You can’t find such a concentrated area of service-based businesses anywhere else.

Which ones do know you and love?  Where will you go next?

For the Digital:

UserEasy seeks to provide complete IT, business and home solutions and quality products to you at affordable prices.

“My experience was a notch above outstanding. This is the standard for Grand Rapids period.”

House Hunting:

The Fulton Group renovates homes in and around downtown Grand Rapids, creating affordable luxury residences that people are proud to call home.

“I have been a tenant with Fulton Group and I cannot express how grateful I am. The management and compassion from the staff have been outstanding.”


Baas is a creative studio that crafts beautiful, moving films for companies and causes worldwide.

“This work is awesome. Baas is the boss.”

Interior Design:

The Red Lobby is full-service design studio dedicated to one thing, making your space everything you’ve envisioned and more. Their distinguished approach reaches beyond the obvious to maximize the potential of your unique space.

“These are designers you want to work with. I am impressed with their ability to help you identify your style. After which they put their creativity and insight to work to produce the environment of your dreams.”

Printing Services:

Storr Printing offers value to their customers by providing them with high-quality printing, on time, on budget, and with a competitive price.

“Storr helped my out with a huge printing job that needed a very fast turnaround (thousands of pages in a few hours). They got it done and went the extra mile to help me get it organized. Will definitely be using them again!”

For Soon-to-be Mamas

Birth Song offers midwifery services for the greater Grand Rapids area, as well as for the surrounding area within an one hour radius. Services are geared toward active participation, education, and promoting good outcomes.

“It is hard to summarize all of the wonderful reasons I would recommend Birth Song Midwifery as a home birth midwife. We had an amazing experience with each birth.”

For the Healing

Advances in Bereavement is a driven organization to support projects, initiatives, and research that address personal transition periods and life altering pathways in the areas of health, loss, careers, and relationships.

“The series, “After the Loss: Grieving the Imperfect Marriage” was extremely well done. The information was thorough,the suggestions of timing and techniques when supporting another were quite helpful.”

Health & Happiness

The EnergyTouch® School of Advanced Healing, often referred to as the “post-graduate program” of energy healing modalities, is a unique, multidimensional approach to physical health, disease and spiritual wellbeing.

“The Importance of this School and its teachings shall ring eternal through the Heart of man. I feel Blessed to have found my path. Thank you!”


MessageWrap is an anti-microbial belt cover that fits right over existing grocery checkout belts, turning wasted space into a clean, innovative marketing solution for retailers.

“The wraps let every shopper know where to find the new product and translated into substantial sales lift.”


Real Food Wellness is holistic nutrition counseling, eating psychology coaching, and professional health counseling based out of West Michigan.

“Working with Laura Burkett of Real Food Wellness over the past year has changed the way I think about almost every aspect of myself. I never feel shame or embarrassment with her even in my darkest moments, just total acceptance and support.”


Software Development

Atomic Object creates powerful custom products that help our clients innovate and grow. 

“Atomic assigned a project manager to interact with me, and he became an irreplaceable asset to me. He quickly got the vision and had a great sense of ownership.”

Dog Lovers

A Pleasant Dog helps urban dogs and their owners thrive amid the rigors of city life. Their training program meets the needs of dogs and their owners short on yard space and heavy on population density.

“Jenn and her team are the best! We rescued a puppy that had a rough start in life and Jenn has been a resource and teacher the whole way.”

For the Ladies 

Sphynx is a full service sugaring spa.

“My experience was awesome! I got the “Sphynx” and it wasn’t nearly at painful as i thought it was going to be. My sugarer was super professional and polite and i was completely comfortable. I highly recommend.”

Did we miss any? What one are you most excited to try first?