Uptown Shop Hop Survival Guide

Our annual Uptown Shop Hop is just a few weeks away and whether this is your first time or you’ve attended a couple years already, it’s always best to read up on all the things you should do beforehand to prepare yourself for this night of shopping, socializing, and enjoying Uptown as we celebrate the […]

Enjoy Fall in Uptown

Fall has officially begun here in Michigan – though the weather might have said otherwise the first few weeks with the 90 degree weather, it’s finally starting to cool down and it’s just about that time for apple & pumpkin flavors, sweater weather and seasonal dishes.   We rounded up a few places offering seasonal […]

The Blackport Building: Uptown’s Funky Hub at the Center of the Universe

If East Hills is the center of the universe, the Blackport Building is the beacon in the middle. In a corner room, toddlers and their mothers sing and dance while the teacher coordinates the performance on her guitar. Toward the front of the building, a personal trainer observes as two of his clients’ jog on […]