For Businesses

Uptown Bike Rack Program

The Uptown Bike Rack Program is open to all commercial property owners within district boundaries, and the ordering period runs from March 1st through March 31st annually. Uptown’s Corridor Manager maintains a list and map of existing bike racks in Uptown, both those that are privately owned and those that were subsidized by Uptown. The Design Committee evaluates current bike rack supply and may target specific properties for participation in the program.

Uptown pays half the cost of each rack with Corridor Improvement District funds, while the remaining half is paid by the participating business or property owner. Owners are billed for their portion of the payment after the racks are delivered.  All racks are delivered to Uptown storage and distributed to purchasing owners by Design Committee volunteers and/or Uptown staff.

All City of Grand Rapids fees are waived for program participants. The Corridor Manager compiles and submits the encroachment permit application to the City of GR. The application includes:

  • Encroachment Permit Application covering all bike racks in all proposed locations
  • A table listing all locations with measurements of the encroachment area and descriptions of rack placement
  • A map showing all the locations
  • Concrete pad detail drawing if racks are to be installed in a grassy area
  • Installation detail drawing
  • Bike Rack Manufacturer’s brochure demonstrating setback recommendations
  • Certificates of Liability from each property owner listing City of Grand Rapids as an Additional Insured up to $500,000

All racks must be located in city easement area, not on owners’ private property, and must be for public use, not restricted to employees, residents, etc.

No more than three racks per business will be allowed unless a special exception is granted by the Design Committee.

All racks are installed and maintained by the purchaser, not Uptown; the Corridor Manager may recommend contractors if appropriate.