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Permanent Pride-Themed Installations Completed In Eastown Grand Rapids

By Dana Kroll, Uptown Marketing and Communications Specialist

Uptown Grand Rapids, Inc. announces the completion of three new permanent art installations in its Eastown Business District. 

 In celebration of Pride Month and in support of both the Grand Rapids Pride Center (located in Eastown) and of the larger queer community, three freshly painted crosswalks that depict various LGBTQ+ flags are now complete. The installations are an initiative of the Eastown Community Association and have been sponsored by the Uptown Grand Rapids, Inc. organization. The installations have also been approved by the City of Grand Rapids as ADA compliant and are thus allowed to be permanently installed and maintained. 

The project itself was completed entirely by ECA volunteers, who have had an ongoing commitment to the endeavor and have illustrated that in the past with similar temporary installations created during the month of Pride. 

Per Dakota Riehl-Davis (she/her), President of the Eastown Community Association: “Our neighbors have been painting the crosswalks during Pride Month for many years as a way to celebrate our queer community and inclusively welcome visitors to our neighborhood. Our organization is honored to have been able to support this neighbor-led tradition and ensure that these crosswalks may now officially be kept and maintained permanently, year after year.” 

Meanwhile, the sponsorship of these installations was met with resounding approval by the UGRI Board, as it continues its efforts and commitments made towards creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive district and as part of its larger strategic objectives regarding both DE&I and place-making within its boundaries. 

Per Ingrid Miller (she/her), Executive Director of Uptown Grand Rapids, Inc.: “Our organization remains committed to our mission, to create and sustain a strong, vibrant, welcoming and inclusive urban district. We do so in part by facilitating and building partnerships and this project has been a wonderful example of what can happen when we do that – in this case to add to our growing umbrella of public works of art that are also the first banded crosswalks in our city. We plan to continue the tradition and hope to add more of these dynamic and collaborative installations in the future.”

Uptown consists of four business districts: Eastown, East Fulton, Wealthy Street, and East Hills. In all climates, Uptown celebrates its people, partnerships, and possibilities. Its mission is to sustain a strong and vibrant urban district through planning, coordinating, and communicating with and between all sectors of the Uptown community and beyond.

For more information regarding the Eastown Community Association, please contact Dakota Riehl-Davis

For more information about this and all things Uptown, please contact Ingrid Miller.