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Uptown GR, Inc. to Add New Murals and Art Installations as Part of Initiative to Support Local Artists

:In celebration of its core mission to bring together people, partnerships, and possibilities to sustain a strong and vibrant urban district, Uptown Gr. Inc. has begun a continuation in its initiative to support local artists and further beautify its district.

Uptown has worked in collaboration with various local artists and business owners, to select four total spots within the district for local
artists to work their magic. The project has been funded through its SID board and has been approved through its Design Committee. The
final selection of artists and approval of their proposed installations has been a joint effort between artist and owners of businesses whose
buildings will be the location for the installation, to ensure all parties involved are on board and fully vested together.

Per Ingrid Miller, Executive Director of Uptown GR, Inc.: “Uptown places great emphasis on the importance of the Arts as a vital part of its
thriving and welcoming culture, especially as we are located in an Arts-focused community that is so rich with homegrown talent and
ability. We see these installations as a continuation of an ongoing initiative that we plan to continue to support in the future, one that
showcases and supports our local artists and their visions, while adding to interest and excitement in Uptown.”

The project has also leveraged Hannah Berry of Lions & Rabbits, who has been an excellent liaison between the Grand Rapids Arts
community and the city. The district plans to keep its residents and visitors abreast of the project via its social media channels so that as
the installations themselves begin, they might participate by watching the artists work. Installations are slated to begin mid-September.

Uptown consists of four business districts: Eastown, East Fulton, Wealthy Street, and East Hills. In all climates, Uptown celebrates its
people, partnerships, and possibilities. Its mission is to sustain a strong and vibrant urban district through planning, coordinating, and
communicating with and between all sectors of the Uptown community and beyond.

For more information about this and all things Uptown, please contact Ingrid Miller.