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What’s Up in Uptown – Featuring Good Judy’s Market and Juice Bar

By Dana Kroll, Uptown Marketing and Communications Specialist


Next up in our summer interview series: We sit down with Dean Jeffrey, co-owner and founder of Good Judy’s Market and Juice Bar, and all-around delightful human.

We’ll get to his expert opinions on all things Uptown momentarily, but first let’s tell you a bit more about his chic and inviting little shop.

In their own words, Good Judy’s is “like the love child between your favorite corner store and the most fabulous juice bar you’ve ever been to.” OKAY, accurate tag line, come through…

The core philosophy of the Good Judy’s brand is rooted in its owners’ firm belief that real, plant-based foods and ingredients are life changing and inspiring. Dean and partner Connor are dedicated to using only the very best organic, local produce to craft drinks and meals. The shelf stable snacks and ingredients sold in their market reflect these values as well.


Another core belief of this unique brand? That healthy eats and sips should be accessible, for everyone – both the consumer, and the vendors who seek to provide nutritious and delicious food to all communities. Good Judy’s proudly commits to sourcing as much product as they possibly can, from operations founded by women, persons of color, and members of the LGBTQ+ community. The space is delightful and the Good Judy’s team invites you to sidle on up to their bar for refreshment of body, mind, and spirit, anytime! Find them at 1146 Wealthy Street SE. 


Dean kindly offered us a look at his ideal afternoon out exploring Uptown, so now, let’s get into those personal local business faves:


You have a free afternoon, where are you going for happy hour or lunch?

Dean:“Yeah, I think, I’m a morning person, so I am going to start my day by getting a coffee and a taco over at Basalt. They’ve got the best burritos and vegan tacos that are amazing. So, I’m gonna start there and then I’m gonna walk up Wealthy and then I’ll probably stop by Chartreuse Sisters to get a bakery item, maybe a little extra coffee, cause you can’t have enough, and then finally finish off with a cocktail at Hancock.”


Basalt, located at 1450 Wealthy Street, is authentic Tex-Mex style breakfast and brunch fare, served up in unique and modern ways. A visit there can be to grab takeout, or to nestle in and stay awhile in their quaint sit-down corner restaurant space. You’ll find really fun craft tacos, handhelds, snacks, and more. Veggie and vegan options are offered, and the horchata is A plus plus. 

Fresh and flavorful brunch faves at Basalt



Chartreuse Sisters, a French-American fusion Pâtisserie Café, is owned and operated by sisters Alyson & Mallory Caillaud-Jones, who are true artistes of their culinary craft. Their menu includes delicious French bakery staples as well as an always fresh selection of additional elegant delectables to enjoy. Their bakery cafe is located in one of our district’s most impressive of rehabilitated spaces. This previously abandoned pharmacy, vacant for nearly 40 years, was lovingly restored by the Sisters, and with the support of Uptown GR, Inc. via our Facade Improvement Program. The building, once an eyesore, graces the corner where Wealthy and Eastern Streets meet and is now truly a crown jewel of our Wealthy Street District.


Just look for the bright red neon sign that is emblazoned across the roofline on its cool vintage building that reads, Hancock, and you’ll know you’re just about “there”. As you get closer, you’ll find that this popular eatery is situated on a sprawling fenced-in lawn space, which is extra fun when juxtaposed with the otherwise bustling street. It’s well-stocked for picnic-style dining, yard games, ping-pong matches, and more. And that’s all before you even order – which is the best part! Hancock’s biggest specialty – for which they are a West Michigan award-winner – is the from-scratch, “Nashville hot” style fried chicken and classic Southern sides and staples. They’re also the spot to go to for Dean’s favorite (noted in his interview); that is, their boozy slushie cocktails. They’re summer in a glass, we promise. Find them at 1157 Wealthy St. SE.

It’s all fun and games (and amazing grub) at Hancock


You have a sweet tooth, where are you going for dessert?

“Okay, so if I have a sweet tooth my first stop is Mokaya. They have these peanut butter cups that are to die for, with like this crunchiness in it, and it is BEYOND FABULOUS, so that is where I go.”


 Mokaya Artisan Chocolate and Confections is certainly not your average candy shop. All of the delectable artisan chocolate confections offered here are made in-house, by hand and in small batches with fresh ingredients. No preservatives or artificial flavors are used. Its proprietors select couverture from US and European companies that source cacao ethically and sustainably. Find their sweet little space nestled in the heart of our Wealthy Street district.


You have a new neighbor, where are you getting a gift for them?

Dean:“One of my favorite places to grab a gift in the area is Fox Naturals, these two awesome guys own it and they make all the soaps, all the fragrances, and all the home things from scratch, and they smell amazing. We’re obsessed with the sandalwood-rose lotion, but if you need to pick up a bar of soap or any face products that’s the place to go.”



Fox Naturals, located at 619 Wealthy Street, provides high-quality skincare and clean beauty products to the Grand Rapids community. Many if not most of their products are hand-curated and blended by the brand owners themselves, and their recipes are certified by cosmetic formulators and licensed aestheticians. The Fox Natural brand’s additional core focuses include a firm emphasis on organic, sustainable, and all-round eco-conscious ingredients; beautifully bespoke product packaging; and a serene and upscale yet inclusive and welcoming shop environment. Online shopping is also available.

Image courtesy Fox Naturals



Someone’s new to town, where are you sending them next?

“Honestly, it’s a new place called Pursuit of Happiness, it’s a bubble bar, they’ve got amazing cocktails, great drinks, and it’s women-owned, so that’s awesome too.”


The Pursuit of Happiness Co., a trend-forward bubbly bar located in Eastown at 1426 Robinson Road, has just what you need to enjoy a relaxing happy hour or night out. Sip some delicious bubbles – we recommend the house label – it’s crisp and refreshing. You can also snack on tastefully curated small plates and unwind while listening to the great music that is always spinning and setting the tone.


What do you love about being in Uptown?

Says Dean:“The best part about being in Uptown is the walkability of it. I mean, all the way from the guys at Fox Naturals to the guys over at Rebel, there are hundreds of shops to go into and they’re all independently owned and you know that you are supporting the local economy by shopping at them, so it’s kind of cool to see that.”


Rebel GR is just one of those shops you could spend hours in (and we have, and will again, we’re sure of it). When asked by visitors what to check out when in Uptown, Rebel is one of our surest bets for virtually everyone. You’ll find giftables that range from classy to cheeky, perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, housewarmings, and really any occasion, plus lots of stuff for kids, babies, plant lovers, foodies, and so much more. Find them located at 1555 Wealthy Street in our Eastown district. Can’t make it in? You can also purchase goods, and gift cards, online.


While we could easily while the entire day away chatting with Dean, we think this short interview has truly been chock full of great ideas for you – so without further ado – it’s time to get planning your next visit. We suggest starting at Good Judy’s, of course!

For a revisit of all of our interviews in this series thus far, you can head to our Instagram page; to jump directly to today’s interview with Dean, simply click here.



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