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Category: Volunteer Projects

Collaboration for a Cause: National Diaper Need Awareness Week

By Dana Kroll, Uptown Marketing and Communications Specialist The collaborative spirit is alive and well in Uptown Grand Rapids, and is a vital component in stoking the vibrant, connected, collective
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Permanent Pride-Themed Installations Completed In Eastown Grand Rapids

By Dana Kroll, Uptown Marketing and Communications Specialist Uptown Grand Rapids, Inc. announces the completion of three new permanent art installations in its Eastown Business District.   In celebration of Pride
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Uptown GR, Inc. to Add Social Zones to District for Outdoor Seating During COVID-19

Uptown GR, Inc. exists to support the small businesses and communities that it houses, and itslatest plan to do so means for new ways to spend time outdoors in Uptown.
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So Fresh N’ So Clean

By Dana Kroll, Uptown Marketing and Communication Specialist. Ever explored or visited a new city or neighborhood and found yourself wondering what goes in to making it, well, go? Especially
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Uptown Tree Project Forges Powerful Partnership

A new nonprofit established in 2018, Uptown Grand Rapids Inc. seeks to sustain vibrant urban districts in Midtown, Fulton Heights, East Hills, Baxter, and Eastown. Its executive director, Ingrid Miller,
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Uptown Loves Bikes

Uptown Loves Cyclists!

Uptown loves cyclists! In addition to an array of bike racks located throughout the district and well-marked bike lines for safe traffic flow, Uptown offers its cyclists bike repair stations
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Uptown Grand Rapids Begins Façade Improvement Project

A new initiative was approved to provide compensation for a building improvement project. The Uptown Corridor Improvement Authority agreed to its first façade improvement project, at 969 Cherry St. SE,
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